Photo:   Dani Cook

Photo: Dani Cook


Topics Discussed:

     | Light switch moment
     | Music going beyond the self
     | The power of questions
     | PTSD + alternative coping
     | Poverty leading to a new creative endeavor
     | Balancing creative outputs
     | Listening + willingness

Organizations + People Mentioned: 

Kajun Kelley  
Niki Barr
Armed Forces Entertainment
Frank Grocholski
Industrial Imperfections
Honey Extractor
The Last Year



‘Names BJ and I think bios are a terrible way to represent someone’s life and career. Especially bios written in the third person. We know you wrote your bio, Steve, stop pretending you have a secretary. I also hate when bios say something like “areas best blah blah” you’re probably not. There’s probably an ambitious 23 year-old a mile away from you that will smoke you given the chance. Just wait. You’ll see. I’ve been watching mine post videos from his basement for months now. Little fucker.

Anyway, enough about my loathing for bios and my replacement in training; here’s a bit about me:

I’ve always been someone that needed to make things. When I was a kid it was model airplanes (F-14 Tomcats to be specific) the rest of my life it’s been music, now recently it's furniture. I’m starting to realize most of the things I do were nurtured into my brain through a bit of osmosis, a bit of circumstance, and a touch of luck.

I never imagined being creative would bring me as far as it has. It’s allowed me to travel the world, meet people, help people, help myself, and create a career and life that I’m proud of and look forward to every morning when I wake up.

Anyway, I’m gonna drink this cup of coffee now and laugh at myself. Have a wonderful day, and go do something that’s worth your time.

Photo:  Shane Gardner