As a visual artist, I am inspired by the relationship between human emotions and our natural environment. I often choose subject matter based on life experiences that have been humbling and sometimes traumatic. The psychological elements of my works are generated by personal and emotional responses to people, places and things. Recent works draw inspiration from historical photography of the Civil Rights movement, and through the use of color and gesture offer a contemporary response to social and political issues of the past and present. Each piece serves to orchestrate various viewpoints into a shared message of our human connectedness and commonality, which will entice viewers to explore from unfamiliar perspectives.



Charles Edward Williams is a contemporary visual artist from Georgetown, SC, and holds a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA and an MFA at the University of North Carolina (UNCG) in Greensboro, NC. Creating compelling imagery in oils, video / film, and sound installations, Williams’s work investigates current, historical cultural events related to racism, and to suggestive stereotypes formed within individuals. His works define self–representation of human emotive responses that lie within cultural identity, and reveal tension to expose the complexities within our socio-political environments. Through his visions, we are encouraged to engage in self-examination, to question false boundaries that separate us, and view the interconnectedness of our common existence.

Works have been reviewed in local and national publications and media, which include the Washington Post, NPR, and South Carolina’s ETV network (PBS affiliate). Permanent collections include the North Carolina Museum of Art (NC), the Gibbes Museum (SC), Knoxville Museum of Art (TN), and the Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African American Art (NJ). Williams also received the Riley Institute Diversity Leadership Award from the State of South Carolina for the development of enriching art programs within local communities.


Topics Discussed:

| Southern Dialect + Culture
| Deep rooted values
| Nature enhancing craft
| No frill play as a creativity enhancer
| Precious interactions
| The gritty business of being an artist
| Motivation
| Mental Toughness
| Knowing your truth
| Filtering what you put into your mind
| Acknowledging anxiety
| Feeling Passion about material
| The Spirit of Relationships

Portrait Photo By Charles + Artwork by Artist

Marissa Boisvert