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Topics Discussed: 

| Developing your own style
| Considering paths instead of goals
| Getting stuck in the ideas  
| Meditation in the world
| Free to learn
| Revealing purpose to motivate
| Trusting the path
| Self-Care in the Unknown + Transition
| The importance of Home
| Holding others’ vision
| Managing Energy
| Backlogging good ideas
| Clarity with one idea
| Honoring emotions  

Jeremy is a mixed media content-creator working primarily in video, photography, and motion graphics. A Raleigh native, who in the last couple of years has been traveling the world working with artists to collaborate and share in their movement and art.



Planting and cultivating seeds of artistic expression. Sharing stories and visions of the individual and collective experience.

Thank you to all the artists I have worked with and collaborated with to make this happen. I am inspired every day by what people in this world are capable of, and the compassion they share.

Photos Courtesy of Artist