When she's not at Fancy Films, Mel Ogier runs a style website called The Garb Wire. She writes about things and people she feels connected to, mainly in fashion, music and the arts from all over the world. This pursuit keeps her inspired to make great contributions to Fancy and also to her life.

In the 13 years prior, Mel independently offered specialist support services to the entertainment industry through her other business, PA For A Day. Which later led her to a brilliant, life-changing career with Myer, working as a Stylist, a National Advertising & Events Manager, and National VM Coordinator.

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The Garb Wire keeps me in touch with what's happening in the industries I'm most passionate about, and I've enjoyed creating a platform for emerging Australian fashion designers, musicians and artists, presenting them alongside some big names.

The Garb Wire Instagram
Run To Paradise Instagram A limited capsule collection of accessories influenced by the collision of an Australian childhood and a Samoan heritage.


Topics Discussed: 

| Non-conforming childhood
| Standing away from the pack
| Wearing emotion
| Communicating to get to your art
| The catch 22 of being ever-present for others
| Motivating yourself to persevere
| Mendacity of perceived perfection
| Ignoring to do list
| Learning just how lucky you are


Photos courtesy of Artist + The Garb Wire